Take a natural step.

Columbus shoes empower you with the comfort of a walking shoe and the quality of a running shoe. This revolutionary shoe uses our exclusive WFP technology to deliver the highest level of softness and performance.

Live life in every move

Columbus shoes give you the best of a walking shoe and running shoe in one design. Made with rich, high-quality nubuck brown skin and features our double-insole of memory foam and antibacterial material.

Elevate your walk experience with the Columbus Premium Shoes!

Experience one of the best walking shoes in the world that are sold in podiatry clinics in the USA.

Expert recommended for those who suffer from foot problems, such as Lux and Lagos (Benyon), spur, plantar fasciitis, and pain in the comb bones and the forefoot.

Enjoy a higher level of comfort with every step, thanks to our exclusive WFP technology on Columbus soles